Today, John F. Kerry said, “It was easier,” during the Cold War. What he means is – it was easier – working against his country.

The AFP reported:

Secretary of State John Kerry attested Tuesday to the massively complex challenges Washington faces in Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Middle East, declaring “it was easier” during the Cold War.

In a candid moment during a State Department speech, the top US diplomat said changing global power dynamics made a quaint memory of the early East-West stalemate, when American children would “crouch under our desks at school and practice” safety steps for a possible nuclear attack.

“During the Cold War… it was easier than it is today — simpler is maybe a way to put it,” Kerry told aid and development experts.

“The choices were less varied, less complicated, more stark, more clear: Communism, democracy, West, East, the Iron Curtain.”

He said “multiple emerging powers,” unleashed forces like radical Islam, and “too many failed states” have dramatically complicated the landscape, requiring a form of diplomatic precision that was not absolutely necessary decades ago.

In the post-war 1950s and 1960s, Kerry said, “we could make really bad decisions and still win, because we were pretty much the sole dominant economic and military power around.

From the AP via The Gateway Pundit:

Whining Nancy-Boy… John Kerry: “It Was Easier” During the Cold War

By Kerry’s own admission, he met in 1970 with delegations from the North Vietnamese communist government and discussed how the Vietnam War should be stopped.

John Kerry secretly met with representatives from the Vietcong in France while the Vietnam War is raging in southeast Asia in 1970.

Senator John Kerry and Senator Tom Harkin during the Cold War met with the communist radical Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua in 1985.

John Kerry (left) and Tom Harkin (middle) both democratic senators with the communist radical Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, April 1985. The woman is unidentified.

John Kerry also Served for 6 months of a 1 year tour of duty, and was released from active duty three purple hearts. To this day, no one is sure just what injury’s he suffered.

Upon his return, he testified before Congress against his fellow troops and his country for war crimes he claims to have witnessed. One of the blows turning the general public of these United States against the war effort to free the Vietnamese from the horrors of Communist rule. His testimony is here: He was hailed as a hero by the North Vietnamese government who had a special place in their war museum just for him They felt it prudent to remove it as he ran for President of the United States and the Commander In Chief.

Now, as the United States, Secretary of State, he says “It was easier during the Cold War”. Nice eh?




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